Project Description


Muma brings life to the senses that transport us in a tangible expression of the seasons. A brand that translates a connected experience into the world of fashion, Muma was conceived through the nostalgic lens of memory. Inspired by the generations of women before us, its emergence prompts a new generation in fashion, with a contemporary approach to design, sustainability & fabrication.

Muma as a concept is at once familiar and exciting. Muma World is a boutique, limited edition, and limited release label, designed in Australia. Led by Creative Director, Saskia Wotton, Muma began as a personal reflection on place but has since expanded to encompass the collective experience of connection to our seasonal world.
Whether through the first hazy heat wave of summer or by way of a crisp autumnal bite carried on the breeze, a palpable sense of change is universally sensed at the cusp of each season. It’s that edge of change, the energy of evolution, that we capture and emulate in our garments. You are invited to explore the concept that fashion, and ultimately, humanity are governed by the natural world around us, and each collection accompanies the timeless story of the seasons, intended to return to, year after year. Led by the values of our conscience and the language of our environment, Muma resonates with any time, place or destination – such is the way of memory, sensation, and imagination: to travel and transcend, something we hope to evoke with our pieces. Accordingly, each collection is released concurrently with the yearly bloom of flora and endemic fauna in featured regions across the world, highlighting particular regions or settings and those that exist within them. Concepts are connected by the story of the seasons that guide the colour, patterns and prints of the garments.

Sustainable Initiatives