Project Description


Fashion designer Erika Toscano founded Ziah in 2015 with a vision to create authentic swimwear that honours the female form.

A quest for truth and beauty, Erika was prompted to design a line of swimwear that celebrate the different shapes of the body — rather than laying bare its deepest insecurities.

Ziah’s timeless design manifests itself as a striking cut or unassuming curve that transcends categorisation — allowing every Ziah piece to be worn outside of the pool or the beach.

Crafted in Australia from the finest textiles, our philosophy resists the fast-paced trend cycle, for a considered approach to life that prioritises the sensuality of how good-quality fabrics can feel against the skin.

We are wearable poetry, allowing the barest form of yourself to seep through.

Ziah is built on the foundation of mindful manufacturing, with the environment and the people front of mind. We are committed to a conscious and transparent journey.

Consciously sourcing materials that minimise the environmental impact is of significant importance to Ziah. We prioritise the use of biodegradable yarns where possible. The lining of all Ziah Swimwear is 100% biodegradable and has been selected with intention and care. We are exploring introducing more biodegradable materials into future collections.

Ziah Swimwear is shipped in compostable poly bags to eliminate the negative impact of using standard plastic. Our poly bags will decompose in landfill much faster than standard plastic and can be added to a home or industrial compost.

We are proud to manufacture Ziah Swimwear in Australia. We work with minimum fabric and ensure we only produce small quantities. Our directors personally visit the manufactures on a regular basis.

Sustainable Initiatives