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The brands under our arc are carefully curated; we align with their authenticity, purpose, and conscious practices. Each has made tangible and authentic commitments to creating a better world, a requisite for our representation. We invite you to discover our brands, who we believe represent the future of ethical and sustainable luxury.


Introducing AYA MUSE Unisex Basics & Bags

AYA MUSE is embarking on a journey of expansion and innovation which we have the pleasure of introducing you to as the global sales representative for AYA MUSE’s unisex basics and bags categories.

AYA MUSE will be bringing forth the considered, purposeful AYA MUSE wardrobe, ranging from denim jeans, jackets, to cotton and luxury cashmere-blend basic t-shirts, sweatshirts, crewnecks, all infused with the AYA MUSE DNA: quality, timelessness and freshness.

Additionally the brand are introducing a variety of knit accessories including handbags, shoulder bags and cross body bags. The focus is on harnessing the everyday wardrobe through the lens of AYA MUSE, whilst all being channelled through attainability. 

With this directive, these categories will sit entirely separate to the brands mainline contemporary RTW.