Project Description

Deiji Studios

Deiji Studios was founded in 2016, by Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson,in Byron Bay Australia. Juliette’s mother is French, her father American. She has spent much of her life travelling between extended families which has given her an appreciation for different cultures and ways of living comfortably and casually.

Emma is originally from New Zealand, and spent her childhood exploring the natural beauty of life high up the mountains. This continues to influence Deiji as a brand in their passion for sustainable environmental practices.

Deiji ‘Pro-nounced ‘Day-Gee’ is translated to ‘Daisy’ in English. We love the simple, natural perfection of the flower, its resilience, its humble beauty. Deiji as a concept is the ability to blend morning into night, daywear into sleepwear – wherever you are.

We believe Deiji is all encompassing; free and independent to create your own life experiences in comfort. We are at our most confident when dressed comfortably. We embrace slow fashion, releasing products only when we are 100% sure they are something we love and would have in our wardrobes for years to come. We are not driven by trend or profit, we are driven by social purpose and the pursuit of an innate sense of style that defies age and time. In this model we believe our customers will have a product they can continue to work into their existing wardrobe wear for years to come.

Sustainable Initiatives