Lauren Trend is the powerful human behind our favourite online platform that discusses all things wellness. It is here you will find yourself completely indulged in a vortex of knowledge, guidance, rituals and most importantly the motto of fostering our relationship with ourselves above all. Lauren is the founder of Self Practice. After feeling most aligned and inspired after conversations with friends & fellow creatives, housing this information somewhere seemed like an inspired and inevitable trajectory, from here the space of Self Practice was brought to life. We all give thanks to Self Practice, the movement to nurture ourselves in the modern world and for Lauren guiding the way, connecting incredible people and creating a world for us all to be apart of, not matter how near or far. Lauren Trend is such a force and one that is important for you to connect with. Not only is Lauren such a kind mindful goddess, she is an incredible content curator and always bringing relatable and grounding tips and reminders to your day to day.


We love Lauren and were humbled to connect with this creative and master manifester. Get to know, Lauren Trend.


How would you describe yourself in five words?

Intuitive, determined, supportive, grateful, opportunistic.


Tell us a little more about you, where do you reside and how you came to be ‘doing you’ as you are right now?

I’m a twenty five year old, Melbourne-based Manifesting Generator (Human Design type) who finds it next to impossible to sit still. I have an academic background in design and wrote a thesis on ‘individual creative process & design pedagogy’. I’m equally obsessed with design, tech, wellness & connectivity – all of which made founding Self Practice a rather inevitable trajectory.


Location right now?

Melbourne, Australia



Creative Consultant, Writer/Researcher & one small part of the man power behind Self Practice.

What are you grateful for?

My support network, my intuitive downloads and every tomorrow.


Life Motto/ Words to Live by?

Lean in. Let go.


What is your intention at this moment in life?

To support my business, my creativity, my community and myself – to the best of my ability.

Biggest Icon?

Princess Diana. Style, attitude, philanthropic ventures & otherwise.


What inspires you each day? 

Everyone fighting for equality in the face of such potent adversity.

To not take my privilege for granted.

To work hard for the future I believe in.


First thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

‘Write the dream down..quick!’


Dream vacay?

Honestly, anywhere – to travel is such a privilege. Last month I was in Paris, Monaco and the South of France and that *still* feels like a dream.

What makes your heart skip a beat?

A woman who knows herself & what she wants..


What is your spirit animal and why?

Phoebe Philo. Cause, old Céline.



Sagittarius, sun. Gemini, Moon. Ascendant Aquarius. Entirely.

Beauty ritual and products you swear by?

Bathing is my religion. I dry body brush, every day, twice a day. It does such remarkable things for our lymphatic system. In the shower – Christophe Robin Salt Shampoo, a home made Ayurvedic face wash which consists mainly of chickpea flower, triphala and turmeric powder. I lather Sans Activator Oil 7 all over my body whilst in the shower for extreme hydration. LESSE’s Balancing Face Serum on my face afterwards, F.Miller Eye Treatment Oil around the obvious areas. On days that I’m feeling abnormally dry, I’ll lather Sun Potion’s Shea Butter Skin Food all over my face & neck. I can honestly feel my skin drinking it, it’s so lush. Re hair – usually I spray Sachajuan’s Leave In Conditioner before coming my bob in a centre part with my wide tooth Mason Pearson comb and leaving my hair to dry naturally – always. I also religiously practice daily Gua Sha for increased blood circulation on my face, jaw & neck.

Something you would tell your younger self?

I’m doing this all for you.


What fulfils you?

Building and supporting the Self Practice community. Seeing people have honest and genuine conversations, with others, and themselves.

What is your idea of balance?

Paying equal attention to all aspects of self; physical, emotional, creative, intellectual.

Do you collect anything?

Screen grabs of messages that made me smile, stupidly.


Last search on google history? 

Open tabs on iPhone are, Google image searches of both 350SL Mercs and Rothko Chapel, as well as the Lyrics to Okay Kaya’s Dance Like U.


Where do you want to be…

Exactly where I am.


Next year

Expanding Self Practice in some really exciting ways.

Five years
Being able to invest further in people’s growth. Employing and working with the right team.


Ten years
Hopefully – mothering children, being a loving wife to a woman with equal ambition, and building an empire.


Advice for those reading?
Check in, with you, often. All your answers are there.

Favourite colour of the rainbow?




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