Sitting here thinking about what to say to introduce one of the most beautiful human beings in the entire universe is not an easy task, to say the least! Olive Rose Cooke is that human down to every inch. Olive is actual sunshine, magic, kindness, warmth and beauty in form. Miss Cooke, (soon to be Mrs Tervenski, to the lucky man Henry, who by the way also matches Olive in all of the greatness too), brings a beaming light to every room and to all those in it just by entering with her smile and graciousness. She is such a positive and angelic soul oozing love and is such a guide for women today. Olive is a true powerhouse, her internal strength, determination and loyalty is like no other. She is the greatest friend anyone could ask for and is always putting others first. Selfless in her ways, she is a free spirit filled with love and spreading beautiful and empowering messages to the world. When I first met Olive, I was instantly in love with her incredible personality and witty humour, which by the way, you don’t spend a moment with her without tears of laughter and a smile from ear to ear. On top of all of this, this lady is super talented a true all rounder, creative and budding entrepreneur with an exciting venture in the works.  Keep an eye out, stalk her if you must, you won’t want to miss this launch. So here she is, enjoy!
Get to know Olive Rose Cooke.
How would you describe yourself in five words? 
So Much Love To Give.
Tell us a little more about you, where do you reside and how you came to be ‘doing you’ as you are right now? 
I am originally from West Australia & now residing in Byron Bay. I love morning sun, the colour yellow, using exclamation marks!, shadows cast by leaves & eating sardines on toast. Doing me right now feels so good! My past few years have seen a lot of growth as life has thrown me a few curve balls but moving forward & appreciating what this world has in store for me has been incredible.
I am now working on a dream project (launching VERY soon), nesting with the love of my life and spending time with the most supportive and inspiring group of friends/family I could ever imagine.
Location right now? 
Byron bay, NSW Australia.
In our new house! We moved on the weekend & have more than a couch in here!
Professional life enthusiast.
What are you grateful for?
Health & Happiness.
Life Motto/ Words to Live by?
Hydrate & don’t be late.
What is your intention at this moment in life?
Keeping a balance.
Biggest Icon?
David Attenborough.
What inspires you each day?
I love being outdoors. Always feels like anything is possible.
First thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
Need Water (Last nights pad Thai was salty)
Dream vacay?
I have never seen snow. TAKE ME TO THE SNOW!
What makes your heart skip a beat?
A potential spider spotting.
What is your spirit animal and why?
Maybe a bower bird. I like to be free, collect beautiful things & LOVE to nest.
Beauty ritual and products you swear by? 
Drink lots of Water.
50+SPF  everyday on the face & dry brush every morning & night.
Products I love are..
PERRICONE MD – Eye cream &  Cold Plasma + Face
SKIN CEUTICALS – H.A. Intensifier
Something you would tell your younger self?
Listen to your mother! Wear a hat & 50+ SPF YOUR FACE!!!
What fulfils you?
Love. Family.
What is your idea of balance?
A kombucha cocktail? But really, I love the balance of laughing and crying. They both make me feel better. I need both.
Do you collect anything?
Did collect stamps & still collect shells.
Last search on google history?
Spell check…
Where do you want to be…
Next year 
Married to the love of my life, with a new name – Olive Rose Tervenski.
Just here in our space, swimming each morning, pouring myself into my new project, with a dog & maybe a long bob haircut.
Five years 
With a family, spreading awareness about womens health.
Ten years 
I haven’t thought this far…
Advice for those reading?
Health is Wealth.
Favourite colour of the rainbow?
Right now, I think Yellow.
Olive, you are magic and we love you.
Follow Olive’s journey here and make sure you watch the space for the dream project launching soon.