We’ve rounded up our favourite self-care tips for working at home. From morning to night, we hope you enjoy our recommendations & take the time to connect with yourself during this challenging time. All our love from the DR team.


Wake Up & Meditate

Wake up and greet the day with Tony Robbin’s Priming exercise. We usually start our Mondays with this exercise in the office to gear the team up for the week.  This gives us a powerful 15 mins to centre, express gratitude, and manifest.  This exercise is a best-kept secret to mastering your day.

We swear by Bear Essential Face Oil, Daily Vitamins & Superpowder, and a little something extra. 

Put on A Face Mask

And start tackling those WFH emails. Our current obsession is an Aztec secret



Coffee, coffee, coffee. Let’s not forget the most important part of the day.



Drink lemon water throughout the day.
Benefits: promotes hydration, great source of vitamin C (which we all need), aids digestion, supports skin clarity, & freshens breath.



Put on a Podcast & Power Through

Goop & Russell Brand weigh in on how to navigate COVID-19. We also love ‘Fashion No Filter’ featuring Camille Charriere. Oh and did we mention Goop? Love you, Gwen.




Follow the Stars

Tune in to your weekly horoscope and guidance from the earth angel; SRNAVERSE


Look Up

Take your shoes off and go stand on some grass to ground.
Look at the clear skies and take some deep breathes whilst imagining the earth running up through your body.


Take Note

Make note of three great things you have achieved or done in that day.
Celebrate your wins.




Journal Reading

 Drew Barrymore reflects on hope, love, & fear. Learn how to breathe & recharge. And pore through anything from Porter Magazine.


Dream it, Believe it, See it

Spend three minutes manifesting and visualising your desires – don’t lose sight.


Deep Sleep

Heal on a deep cellular level whilst you sleep & get a proper rest during these times.





Dance Break

Here is our showroom playlist. We also thoroughly enjoying 2000’s throwbacks & hip hop Fridays.


Give your animals a cuddle.


Candle Meditation
Anytime you need a moment during this time to protect yourself from everyone’s projections, learn to do a candle meditation. Light a candle & enjoy a meditative state by watching the flame flicker at eye height.