Introducing Team Del Rainbow: We asked our team to write a Note to Self about how they’re staying positive during this time. In years to come, we hope they’ll find this note and feel proud for how they maintained their positive mindset during this time.

Dear Bianca,

Look at all of the positive things that are coming through in the world right now despite it all. It is so powerful. Keep sight of this and never give up.

Each day you are connecting with people with your positive perspective – and it is impactful. Remember the most important things right now – connecting back to who you truly are & supporting with love and guidance. Each morning, wake up and tell the universe three things that you are grateful for.

You are grateful for your team, partner, the love around you, and seeing the world unite together. Stay in that space of connection and flow. Whatever space you are in is what will attract the outcome – so keep that high.

Proud of you for smiling and so grateful for all of those around you. Remember that saying you keep close to your heart, as a reminder; everything is perfect as it is always, even in the chaos. 

Trust the process. Be well.

B x

Dear Arlen,

Once things are back to the “new normal” I want you to be able to look at yourself and know that through everything, you handled yourself well and made sure that you were there to support and lead those who needed it.  This is the time when people show their true colours and I’m proud you’ve shown yours and stayed true to who you are.

I am so glad that you and B have the team that you do to make this all possible.

Get in the ocean everyday and everything will be fine. 


The world is hurting, Australia is hurting, and our fellow Australians are losing their jobs in the hundreds of thousands. Those hurting are in our thoughts and hearts everyday.

Del Rainbow’s family is 100% in tact, focused, and working to produce the best possible outcome for our families, our friends, our industry and our country as though our lives depend on it.  We will make significant change and contribution on a daily basis because we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do so. 

I promise we will not let you down.


In your actions, others will also rise up to protect and support in order to radiate in the collective positivity that you and the Del Rainbow team are all are generating now. Today is only one day but what you do today will change all the days ahead.

Remember, the world keeps on turning. 

Dear Paris,

Trust it’s all working out the way it should. Worry only about the things you can change and celebrate the things you create. 

Love me xx


“Baby we’ll be fine. All we gotta do is be brave and be kind”.

For a long time now, these have been my favourite lyrics, and for the past week or so, they have rarely left my mind for very long. Matt Berninger was onto something when he graced the world with this sentiment, and it rings true now more than ever.

In these uncertain times, there are only two things you can control. Your emotions and your actions – but those two things will have such an incredible influence over your peers, your colleagues, your family and even a stranger in the street (who is of course, at least 1.5m away).

So take a deep breath, hum your favourite tune, and get shit done in the only way you know how – by being your truest self. And also be kind, always be kind. 


How blessed and inspired you are to be part of such a strong and powerful team – I love you Del Rainbow! 

I am constantly counting each of my blessings, not once – but twice! Because nothing is guaranteed in this life and we need to acknowledge the beauty whenever we see it. 

I think Mother Nature is always the answer so I hope you have a chance to visit her…even if just for a short moment each day during this challenging period.

Thank you team, especially Bianca and Arlen,  for being constant rays of sunshine even in the most stressful of times.

Feeling the love and sending it across to every single person right now!


Dear Annalee,

Time has slowed and perhaps returned back to its natural flow. The beauty of life and the gifts of the present moment are becoming more apparent, they almost eclipse the news outside. 

Take your time and allow the beauty of each moment to envelop you with its warmth. Trust, smile, and flow through it all.

“Tomorrow may never come, your moment in history is right now. Don’t be afraid to let it shine. Shine your light on the world, shine your light for the world to see.”