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May 18th-24th: Weekly Horoscope

As humans, we are subject to a vast range of feelings and emotions ― love, hate, fear, anger, disappointment, sadness, loneliness, joy, happiness. Feelings are not something we choose. And, eventually we cotton onto the fact that we can choose how we respond to them or express them, but we cannot simply choose not to have them. I feel compelled once more this week, to dive into the fact that Venus retrograde in Gemini is having a HUGE impact around the globe, on soulmates, twin flames, past and present loves. It can be difficult to look away, and it feels like a gruelling slow burn. We still have until June 25th for this retrograde to run it’s course, and in these weeks, emotions will be stirred up, for some, to the point of no return. You may be second guessing your relationship, making assumptions, but things are not what they seem on the surface, so be careful of this vicious cycle! There may be a series of releasing and purging of negativity from past emotional relationships that you may have not come to terms with. This is especially strong for people who have Libra, Taurus and Gemini placements. This retrograde defines certain things and puts a lot of pressure on the Twin Flame collective.

Life is amplified with emotional energy right now, be very cautious and try to control your actions. Now, is not the time to look away from the pain, misery, trauma and challenges 2020 is presenting. Everyone is moving through problem areas during this pandemic, and it’s seeping to the surface whether we like it or not. As things break apart, new things band together – it’s a good time to make plans for 2021 and perhaps, rearrange expectations. Life is wild, it’s a gamble… always! Resistance is futile.

 Do your best to observe, rather than buy into the paradigm of fear and manipulation. This next decade, 2020 – 2030 will really be the catharsis needed for higher dimension living. Particularly be aware of not side-tracking yourself. Stay on your path. The ‘key’ to accessing and benefiting from the road forged up ahead, is to be focused, adaptable and ready for change. The cosmos paves the way this week for a good old-fashion Gemini Season take over (21st), and with it a sense of light appears and settles down all the dust that the Taurus season inadvertently kicked up. Followed by the upcoming Gemini New Moon on May 22, 2020. Notice the number of 2’s and the fact that Gemini is the sign of duality – there’s always two sides to every story! Mercury is the ruler of this New Moon, and is well-positioned in the sign of his rulership, Gemini. In fact, at the time of this New Moon, there will be 4 planets in Gemini in total, including the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus! Things may feel extra-heady, and we are in a very analytical, rational space where we demand to know every little detail and fact. This can be excellent, but the problem is that Neptune in Pisces, planet of confusion and illusion, is in a square aspect to Mercury and Venus, indicating that what we think we know is obscured by hidden information. With Mars also in Pisces we might be baffled by people’s actions, feeling like ‘I never knew the real you’. Watch out for the seeds you plant over the next few months, because they may grow in a way you didn’t quite expect!!! Ahh, the beauty of life, right?!!?! Good luck.

May your cup runneth over..

With love, Srna



For the best results, you need to make the first move, Aries. You feel compelled to handle your practical affairs and from this people notice your efforts and accomplishments. Reality and your personal ideas can clash today, but it doesn’t stop you from being proactive. The Universe is asking you to step back and tune into what you love & value now, it’s about what matters in the present. Is something still worth it?! Venus asks the hard questions as it retrogrades and reminds you, if it’s not working, it’s time to let it go! Take your time with things this week, don’t be in a hurry even if you feel the anxiety creeping down your neck. Relieve the energy by getting active, creative or deciphering with others what it all means – talking through it, is imperative in this whirlwind time. Mars in Pisces energy asks you to dial it down, especially since in June, Mars enters your sign, for 5/6 months. It will retrograde here too, and although it’s very powerful to have Mars (the ruler of Aries), in your sign for a long period, life will be more single minded, intense and provoking. Saturn wants you to evaluate your goals but make no sudden changes, these retrogrades remind you that sometimes you can make plans without letting everyone else know about them.



Your philosophies on life are slowly changing, Taurus. The beliefs you once held are dissipating and you’ve got time on your hands to see what your truth is. This is the time to evaluate where you are now and where you want to be in the future! Mercury moves into Cancer on the 28th, and Mars sits in Pisces, & with more watery ‘feeling’ energy flowing around, you’re ready to complete certain things. You are happy to work in the background, chipping away, one by one, until things get back to normal again. Today, the Moon sits in your privacy sector and the need to retire into your shell is strong. Mars sits at the top of your chart so you’re looking at where your career may be heading. Thoughts from the subconscious come up and they may startle you – you may not know exactly how you’re feeling about something until it gets ‘revealed’ to you. What’s driving you right now is finances, stability and security – the retrogrades remind you not to risk take. It’s not the time to go out on a limb with an idea or partner. Venus is examining if a relationship is worth all the trouble it’s giving you – the Universe is asking you some deep, profound questions and it’s agitating but ultimately, incredibly freeing. Learn to swallow whatever comes up!



A new attitude is exactly what’s needed to finish an old project, Gemini. Plus, with your birthday season fast approaching and a New Moon in your sign (22nd) to boot, all in positive energy to Jupiter, you are being given a double dose of blessings. Mars is challenging your moon, but it can be channeled perfectly into expressive, expansive energy if you get your mind right. Regardless, you are being supported by the universe in a major way as Saturn, and Palas Athena support from the sidelines, and make you more convincing than usual. Throw yourself into a project and leave little expense for the drama. Venus retrograde is asking you to evaluate personal needs, especially since it’s retrograde in your sign. A good time to work on a hobby or anything creative. Whatever holds value for you features strongly in your routine life. Relationships that are troublesome come up for cutting, and it’s totally appropriate. Today, the Moon sits in your social sector giving strong emphasis to processing, communicating and implying. From June, things start to pay off – any risk takings from Jan/Feb 2020, really come around to express themselves in a particularly interesting way. Many of you may be having some breakthrough in a financial way, or people who you share resources with come in to support you. Foggy thinking might be the theme here, or you’re just super forgetful but this will all simmer down when Venus goes direct late next month.



Moods come and go, so don’t be attached to one particular feeling, Cancer. Instead tune into the inner voice and ask your authentic self what you need! This week, take a new approach in relationships, at the same time, what is no longer true for you is being purged in a major, uncomfortable way. You will easily be able to differentiate from the good, bad and middle feelings that simmer to the top. You must honour the energies, and to be honest Venus wouldn’t have it any other way. The retrograde through Venus Gemini is strengthening you and empowering you, but first it must break you. If something is not working, the Gemini Moon (22) will show you what wrong tree you’re barking up. Allow for the changes to unfold as they should. The current retrogrades remind you to process what you’re experiencing. Mercury is flying forward and is set to enter your sign, next week on the 28th. This is positive and significant as it sits in your 1st house, meaning you are up for the challenge. Aim to think big and make minimal edits along the way, this way you’re in the long game. You are working behind the scenes with those you find inspiring and perhaps, working on hobbies that turn into real projects. Let go of codependent behaviours that seem to pattern every few months or so, they are getting old for everyone who comes up against them.



You’re particularly averse to a dull routine in life right now, Leo. Uranus is asking you to liberate yourself from the depressing, and shine your face toward the light! Leo rules the heart centre, so this week is for getting real and owning your power. Claim the life you wish to live by being brave enough to ask for it. With Venus retrograde in Gemini, it’s time to reflect on work and lifestyle. These backward times mean you’re not prescribing to what everyone thinks you ’should’ be doing. The challenge is to keep everything in moderation for the time being but to slowly start letting go of whatever’s wrong in your world. Mars activates the Gemini New Moon on the 22nd, Saturn will trine this moon also, so there are blessings if you choose to apply a new method. Be patient and if life feels a little confining, or agitating, know that it’s got a lot to do with the movement up above. Venus rules destiny, so naturally, you’ve got many opportunities to look at the value of something or someone. This pandemic has shaken everything up; you now have time to reflect if you still love the one you’re with or if you should reevaluate. A big cosmic wake up call is just ahead, that will speak of taking the journey within.



Take a step back and look at what’s true for you now, Virgo. This week, you have the potential to overdo something, when in fact it’s easier to surrender. A part of you is still seeking to know the whole truth, and yet another part just wants to move on and take life as it comes. The retrogrades make these next few weeks a great time to start a creative pursuit or to finish old projects. If you are wrestling with people’s expectations of you, energies may swing wildly, causing you to be moody. Don’t act on anything, there is no need to rush or hurry, especially since Venus doesn’t move direct until late June (25th). With so much Gemini energy this week, your mind could be foggy, with lots of things popping up but nothing feeling quite ‘worth it’. Definitely don’t make any financial decisions until late June, as there are a lot of wires being crisscrossed and you’re not getting the full business story. The Gemini New Moon (22nd) has harmonious energy with Saturn and Jupiter, blessing you in small ways that you may not notice at first. With Mars in Pisces square the New Moon, things are likely to get very interesting for you on the love front, be straight forward while remaining gentle. Don’t be like a dog to a bone however, this retrograde is revealing who and what is right and wrong for you. You have to believe what you see.



Aim to tighten your plans and perfect them, rather than push your own agenda, Libra. People could be trying to deceive you with schemes, so don’t be idealistic. Retrograde energy is never about being active, it’s about moving within and connecting to your soul self. Today, the Moon sits in your partnership sector and invests in others more than usual. You are thinking about what you’d like to achieve when this energy goes direct from late June. There is a strong need for love, friendship and intimacy right now, and you seek feedback from others to validate you. By taking peaceful pursuits, you can change perspective on something or someone. But, don’t be duped if you feel the pressure – with Jupiter retrograding, it’s about your own philosophy to life – not anyone else’s. The New Moon in Gemini has to do with your higher consciousness, it’s an opportune time to look at what’s working in your life! Mars is pouring energy into this Moon but at the same time, you don’t really know if you’re coming or going. Life is push / pull and it’s driving you crazy, however, when you spin a fresh approach to what you do, you find you’ve got many more decisions to make. The Sun enters your sister-sign Gemini on the 22nd, and gives you a lighter charisma to move with.



Some see-sawing is possible this week, Scorpio, but you’ve done a lot of purging and pushing, so energies should be mostly positive. You are in a strong position to keep going. What no longer holds value for you is crystal clear, so these retrogrades are giving you an opportunity to really think about what you love & value now as opposed to before this pandemic began. The Gemini New Moon (22nd) restructures some debt and perhaps finds you new ways of getting money. With Jupiter and Saturn in trine, you communicate better with others, more fluently. People hear your concerns and try to lend a helping hand. It’s about the spiritual journey this week and you’re more invested than usual to self care programs, routines and creative work. If something is more trouble than it’s worth, it’s well and truly time to move on and let go. You are evaluating your shared resources with a partner, family member or friend. You are quite intense and the method to the madness, is making others close to you prone to worry. If you feel overwhelmed, sit and rest. You very well could be overreaching, or attempting things that are not humanly possible.



If you’re supporting self worth, it can’t screw up, Sagittarius. Today, the Moon sits in your creative house, and you tend to focus on the satisfying elements of life. This month, you’ve taken good care of yourself – working on better life/work balance. In love, Venus retrogrades until June 25th asking many questions, what are your needs? Are they being met? Venus rules your self worth, that’s why it’s best to evaluate your money relationships, friendships and love life while you can. Something is no longer working, so stop pretending it is. Who you were in January this year has greatly shifted into being now as we sit at the end of May. Past relationships could show up and this will work as a mirror, if you end up in the same see-saw, it’s best to realise some people, take you absolutely nowhere. Cash themes feature heavily for you over the next few weeks, and if you wish to see improvements going forward you need to review and rework your goals and strategies. As Saturn rules your 2nd house of money, you’re asked to sit down and evaluate your phisopshoes on life and how you wish to make a living. There are power days coming up on the 28th and 29th, use your voice!



You’re attracted to the familiar this week, Capricorn. No major action is required, so sit back and go with the tide. Questions will arise for you and they will reveal quite a lot – do you play it safe or take a chance now?! Focus on solutions as the Sun enters Gemini later this week, making you in the mood for conversation. The New Moon in Gemini on the 22nd, aims for self renewal just don’t make big statements in love – as Gemini can make us delusional and lost in love’s illusion. Find constructive ways to release the stress that piles on from a past or present lover. Neptune trines the Gemini Moon, challenging Venus asking you to keep your feet on the ground. The fork in the road, both literally and figuratively is here to remind you of one thing. Yourself. The Moon today pulls you into yourself, and you sense the journey is within. In this month, you have built on your emotional reserves and staying out of fear and anxiety has helped greatly. Jupiter encourages you to go your own way and keep from interfering with other’s stories. There is no time for conflict or disputes, especially with this retrograde energy heavy in the air. The energy right now is telling you to focus on the new life you’re building, who you are in May 2020, compared to who you were in January 2020 is truly reflected in front of your eyes. Choose the empowered route.



Spread your energies evenly this week, Aquarius. Respect your limits by knowing your self worth, you don’t need to overcommit to anyone or anything right now. The Gemini New Moon on the 22nd leaves you confident even if all the odds aren’t in your favour. It will bring forth an opportunity for breakthrough in work and money matters. Keeping busy has helped not let your mind wander, but eventually, later this week, you fall into a state of exhaustion and the emotional reserves hit fairly low. It’s very clear that you need to tune out distractions, especially in the form of dramatic love. Throw yourself into something creative, and this energy will be transformed into something more positive. With Venus retrograde, if something seems too good to be true, it often is. Past loves and childhood friends seem to pop up, and this can be fun. However, don’t fall into anyones trap, people are out there to pretend and fake, you don’t work well with wobbly foundations. Mercury is on the move, helping with communication, yet with so much retrograde motion, you are also being pulled backwards. It can be a case of ‘two steps forward, one step back.’. The social energy is increasing as Gemini rules your creative self expression, connecting with your inner authority helps make better future decisions.



Look at the bigger picture, Pisces. It’s about where you want to be and leaving the ‘how’ for now. The retrograde energy is asking you to connect to your authentic power, we have all been changed by this pandemic, so what you love and value may be vastly different to what you wanted in January 2020. You are evolving at rapid speed and with Venus retrograde making themes such as love, money and unity the be all and end all, big transformations are sure to be propelling you in unknown directions. It’s important to allow for both sides to come through, the pro’s and con’s to life. You have been exploring your relationship to everything, health, wealth, love and friendship. Honour the ebb and flow, life is cyclical and where you’re at, you’ve been before – it’s just packaged differently. Taking time with certain decisions will only help you in the long run, especially if you’ve been see-sawing on something close to your heart. The energy is inward but with Gemini season fast approaching, more social than before. The New Moon on the 22nd is challenged by Mars in Pisces – if things seem too good to be true, they often are. You try to keep things easy, calm and yet, it doesn’t necessarily go that way. It’s because something deep inside thrives of the chaos, the drama and the emotion that propel you toward the ever-growing madness of life.