Srna is an ultra light beam. A true cosmic goddess in human form. It is with this cosmic force this bright shining light has created SRNAVERSE, our go-to weekly horoscope guide. And by go-to, I mean literally hanging out for Sundays when SRNAVERSE goes live for the week ahead. We highly recommend to begin following, you will resonate with the weekly verses. Srna is a connected vision and a total dream gal inside and out. Each week there is such precision matching the happenings or universal feels with each sign and overall energy the week will bring, this lady has a very special talent. Srna has the ability to connect in deeply with universal flow not only with SRNAVERSE but with herself, which we find super inspiring. She is a lady who knows herself and is here to have fun along the journey. You can feel her energetic yet beautifully grounded personality throughout the feed. We love Srna’s creation and following her journey, we know you will too. Also, on her contact page she shares a little info on herself and she tends to love Aquarius’s, Leo’s and Cancer’s (our Del Rainbow team signs), so we instantly connected.

Meet Srna from your new favourite bookmarked site, Srnaverse.


How would you describe yourself in five words?

I’d like to think I’m a very curious, emotional, aware, loving and spiritually minded woman.

Tell us a little more about you, where do you reside and how you came to be ‘doing you’ as you are right now?

I was born in Croatia and came to Australia with my parents as a refugee following the Yugoslav war in 1993. My parents worked tirelessly to give my sister and I a dream life we are blessed to live. I will never forget that devotion, it has moulded me into who I am today. I think my Serbian background has greatly impacted how I came to be, doing me as I am right now. I was told fables and stories since I was a young girl. Anything esoteric has always enticed me, witch craft and magic is completely interconnected within the fabric of Serbian culture from thousands of years ago. I grew up in Sydney and travelled back and forth to the the States, the joy of seeing new things and meeting new people give me such joy. I am currently living in Melbourne with my boyfriend and this small but mighty city is where I have begun my Srnaverse journey.

Location right now?

On my couch, 5.24pm Sunday in Melbourne


Ha Ha! Eeeeek, I’m still trying to figure out what that is! I suppose Astrologer makes sense, but art is equally as important to me. I have been working in Fashion Sales & Wholesale since I was 18, so that also seeps into my life with everything I do.


What are you grateful for?

Family, health, music, this beautiful and diverse country, the ocean and being the one to make my boyfriend laugh.

Life Motto/ Words to Live by?

‘As it happened, as it was supposed to happen’ – It is a quote from one of my favourite books by Kurt Vonnegut. I think it’s something I live by because life is perfectly imperfect, you have to trust the timing of it and know that everything is happening just as it should be, always.

What is your intention at this moment in life?

To create !! To not let fear interrupt my art. To continue building a strong foundation and take the world by storm!

Biggest Icon?

Writers like Lucia Berlin & Louise Hay, beauty and brains like Natalia Vodianova and astrologers like Linda Goodman.

What inspires you each day? 

Life’s constant surprises, my sister and that what will be!

First thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

Yay it’s sunny ! Which is imminently followed by a bike ride to coffee with my boyfriend 🙂

Dream vacay?

Paris in Autumn and Italy in Summer

What makes your heart skip a beat?

Good love stories, connections that go beyond time and space and kisses on the neck.

What is your spirit animal and why?

I love wolves !!!!!! So, maybe a wolf


Pisces sun, Libra rising, Leo moon – Very much a blend of fiery emotions and detached logic!

Beauty ritual and products you swear by?

I love Mario Badescu, Drunk elephant and Glossier. I have a light mask I got from Amazon and use that frequently. I also love my clarisonic brush. I go between wearing Diptyque and Byredo perfumes. Although, my new love is the Patchouli perfume by Le Labo. It reminds me of my grandma’s home town and also witches.

Something you would tell your younger self?

Start now!!! Break that fear down!! Also, be your own dream girl.

What fulfils you?

Spending time alone reading, music, the ocean and conversation

What is your idea of balance?

Ha! I’m a Pisces, I don’t really know the concept of balance. I’m always going more towards max relaxing, so it’s an ongoing topic for me to push myself harder in work/business.

Do you collect anything?

Polaroids & Books, also since my recent visit to NYC and candlesticks.

Last search on google history? 

Buying swim wear for summer in Sydney (!) the concept of twin flames and


Where do you want to be…

Next year

Happy, healthy, loved and loving and creating the next chapters of Srnaverse, my personal life and being better than I am today.

Five years

2 babies with one more on the way, in love with my man, in a beautiful home overlooking the water with an amazing studio and lots of paint splattered everywhere.

Ten years

Hopefully, cooler and calmer 🙂 Always surrounded by love, family & friends, interested, informed, bringing up kind kids and practicing consciousness every day.

Advice for those reading?

Life is for living!! Be honest, be open, be you! Always let people around you know how much you love them, this life is short, embrace it! ALSO, the road is long and in the end it’s only with yourself!

Favourite colour of the rainbow? 


Thank you Srna! SRNAVERSE is launching a shop soon and we are bursting to see  what is in store, so keep an eye out here.