Bella Thomas is a real-life angel. She walks into a room and you feel instantly calm, as though everything will be just right 👌🏼  Bella has an amazing energy which inspires those around to just want to be so present, setting an example of being grounded and knowing yourself. She holds such grace and is the true version of what we all aspire to be- effortlessly cool. Bella has a style that will lead the way and make waves within the fashion and arts industry, whilst also being the kindest (and coolest) human you will ever meet. Bella by name, bella by nature. A beautiful human inside and out. She is adventurous, creative and has an eye like no other. If you aren’t already keeping up to date with Bella’s travels, curated style and incredible content, do yourself a favour click here now and thank us later. Bella is a total dream gal and we can’t wait to introduce you to this some kind of artist. 

We were lucky enough to have Bella come by the showroom in NYC, have some fun with new season collections and totally make our week.

We hit the streets with Bella Thomas in NYC.


Tell us a little more about you, where do you reside and how you came to be ‘doing you’ as you are right now?

I came to be ‘doing me’ by simply & patiently following where life took me. I’ve done things I love and I’ve done things I don’t- but all these things have lead me to where I am. I call myself ‘some kind of artist’ as I’m not entirely sure what I love to do most at this moment and to be frank, I don’t think I ever will entirely know.

I know I love to create, I know I love working with others and I know I don’t love to be doing one thing for too long. I’ve worked hard to push the boundaries of what life ‘should’ look like – especially right out of school. There is too much pressure to know who you want to be and where you may head at such a young age. I just try to take it day by day.

Location right now?

In my car, waiting for my boyfriend who’s grabbing us coffee & croissants



Hmmm …some kind of artist


What are you grateful for?

I am so grateful to be where I am right now with such beautiful people around me.


Life Motto/ Words to Live by?

It is your failures that will propel you into your future.


What is your intention at this moment in life?

To inspire & to learn


What inspires you each day? 

To live in the moment and not worry too much about what tomorrow brings.

First thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

I think I’ll stay dreaming a little longer …

Dream vacay?

A beautiful remote beach shack somewhere on the coast of Western Australia. There is so much to see in this beautiful country.


What makes your heart skip a beat?

Fresh dumplings and Chinese broccoli


What is your spirit animal?

Sausage Dogs


Beauty ritual and products you swear by?

Products I swear by are The Glow serum by Dr Barbra Strum, the Microfoliant by Dermalogica and everything Avene.


Something you would tell your younger self?

Don’t worry too much, there is a perfect plan for your life

Do you collect anything?

I collect shells and shoes


Last search on google history? 

Best ways to cook with eggplant


Where do you want to be…

Right where I am now……. or driving through the South of France

In ten years

I’ll be 31… I think I’d love to have my own company-  us all being ‘some kind of artists’ together haha

I’d love to be living outside of the city with a beautiful veggie garden, a tree swing, and ocean breeze.


Advice for those reading? 

You are perfectly imperfect & you are enough. You have everything you need right now to take your next step.

Favourite colour of the rainbow?

Sunset pink


Thank you beautiful Bella!

Bella photographed in NYC by Georgia Storay