Fire Five is our latest journal feature in which we interview the brilliant minds behind our favourite brands & retailers – a mix of creatives, designers, & buyers. We’re very excited to begin this journey and take you along with us as we dive deeper into the energy behind our favourite creatives.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Isabella Soto, the Founder and Creative Director of  8vo Ático, the Miami, Florida-based online boutique that presents just 8 brands at a time. Isabella is making massive waves in the fashion community with her passion for styling, skill for curation, and love of small brands that lends itself to the unique concept that is 8vo Ático.

Soto counts the internet’s coolest girls among her friends, as she features an array of bloggers, stylists, and models to showcase pieces from each Collection — creating a sense of hyper-current, effortless, & organic imagery. Soto is also a fashion icon herself, with her bold fashion choices and sublime sense of line, shape and colour.

Among the 8 brand selections for Collection 02 were Van der Kooij and Georgia Jay – both brands from the Del Rainbow arc. Hailing all the way from Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand, these unique luxury brands caught Soto’s keen eye and are now included in the Collection 02 drop.

We are thrilled to present you with Isabella, the visionary behind 8vo Ático.

Also, did we mention she has two adorable bulldogs, just like DR Founders Arlen & Bianca?

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"For our second 8Á collection, we present raw untouched imagery
 courtesy of our friends from the comfort and safety of their 
own homes. Collection 2 is remarkably real, responding to the 
dynamic present and embracing the changeable future. 
8 brands. Always in rotation."


1) What does 8vo Ático stand for?

8vo Ático is the mix of the ideas I have for the brand. 8vo, which means 8th in Spanish, stands for the number of brands that are available each collection. Ático, means ‘attic’ in Spanish and came from the idea that I would have a small space where there is a curated selection of clothing and furniture. When you walk into the space, everything is arranged in such  a way that it feels as if you are entering the apartment of your dreams but with the advantage that every single piece is available to purchase.

Even though we didn’t end up doing the idea behind the Ático part, I love how unique the two words look and sound together. And who knows, maybe at some point we’ll evolve into the initial idea.


2) You have an amazing, curated selection of brands & products available within 8vo Ático. What draws you to each brand & those such as Van Der Kooij and Georgia Jay in Collection 2?

I wanted 8vo Ático to have a very unique feel from the rest of the multi-brands stores I’ve seen. For me, it is important to bring awareness to small, incredible brands that I know have a lot of potential, but together can really create something never seen before. That’s why brands like Georgia Jay & VDK caught my eye immediately. Separately, they have an undeniable uniqueness and strong sense of brand recognition, but together they create the most perfect picture.

3) Your imagery and content is incredible & presents a more authentic ‘real life’ approach. Can you tell us how you came up with this approach and how you showcase this for Collection 2? 

Just days after seeing the spread of the virus & that it was going to become a worldwide issue, I figured I couldn’t just put 8vo Ático on hold until until  was all over. I needed to create something to reinvent it. So, I reached out to friends, bloggers, stylists, models, and every cool girl I knew that could represent the 8Á. I asked them if they could style their pieces of choice from Collection 02 with their own style, and take selfies, mirror pictures, etc. to create a sense of organic imagery…just like every girl does when she gets a new piece she’s excited to wear and take pictures with. 


4) How does 8vo Atico relate to you personally & your style choices?

I always wanted to be a stylist. It has been my true passion since I can remember. Since I am such a visual person, the idea that putting different pieces of clothing together can give someone a glimpse into who you are, always blew my mind. And then, how you carry yourself when wearing the outfits you’ve put together. 

 8vo Ático is the space that gives me the opportunity to express my personal style while telling a unique story, which is making bold fashion choices with a sense of clean line, shape, and color. 

8Á is an open invitation to experience outfits that are created inside my head when I see a piece of clothing. 

5) What is your favourite outfit from Collection 2?

This is the hardest question, for sure! I would have to say the Arie Leather Bodice from VDK, that I wear with extra baggy jeans and low heel sandals. It is unexpectedly my favorite piece from the Collection 02 selection. I would have never imagine it to be so versatile and flattering.


Shop Van Der Kooij and Georgia Jay on 8vo Ático