EGO- Let’s talk about it. We all have it, everyone has an ego, but how we manage this and allow how much space this takes in our everyday lives is important. In a somewhat ‘ego-driven’ industry, we are being called to step back into our light and operate from our authentic true self, choosing love instead of fear. There is only two choices, love and fear. You are responsible and it is your role to take ownership of who you are, how you came to be and what drives you. If we each take responsibility for ourselves and how we treat both ourself and others, this has a rippling effect to all of those around us, and at a greater force, the world.
Don’t blame others, look within yourself and ask yourself, why did that trigger me and where does that come from? Remembering this in each moment that we are triggered, helps us remain in our truth and witness the thought pattern of ego, yet not react and step forward with this driving us. Look at the ego each time you are triggered to operate from this space, what is it teaching you? If used wisely, the ego can be an amazing teacher. Ego is always shining light on the deeper aspects of ourselves that require healing and self love. Making the choice to operate from your truest self (love) shows bravery and willingness to look deeper, ego helps keep the pattern of avoidance in tact. Something to remember when ego is waltzing on through is that the problem is not the problem, the reaction is the problem and that fear- is False Evidence Appearing Real.
It is about balancing the masculine and feminine within you. Particularly in the Fashion Industry, we want to call it- Lift the Veil. For creatives or people in business, everything you do from an intention driven by ego will not give you an authentic experience or connection with those around you and or, those who purchase your product. It also doesn’t allow those around you to have their authentic experience if you are driven from this space. It’s a huge block. This also comes down to company culture, each individual and energy in your company is important. Work on stepping into love with your team. This reflects to the greater world, WHO and WHAT your brand is. Have an authentic experience, be vulnerable to yourself and your team (encourage this in return), let your light shine and shine a light on the darkness too.
Your ego is your best teacher, sending you back to who you truly are, if you choose to lift the veil and harness the power to trust yourself and the process.