Here at Del Rainbow, one of our key pillars within the company ethos is a simple one: WHY. We actively lead with our ‘why’ intention in all that we do, create, partner, action and truly, every move made. It is also the first thing we ask brands. We want to know their why. It helps us connect to their story and ultimately operating from this space creates a deeper connection to every touch point within their business. It ensures meaning, so there is always more than just ‘product’.

Why you do what you do and leading with this intention we say is the most integral foundation within a company or sole trader entity. By ensuring you have your ‘why’ statement solidified, means you never stray from your authentic intention and keeps you in line with intuition. Before you begin a brand, or even in an established brand, working true to your ‘why’ statement at every stage throughout the growth period, ensures that you are connected with your true purpose.

It is grounding, authentic and unshakeable- because it shines from your truth. Everyone wants to feel that. Our DR team like to become an extension of each businesses why statement and ‘story tell’ to the world based on this. We connect clients and customers to the brands intention and story before anything else. This is what keeps us human and building connection. By working from your why, that energy flows into your product and undoubtably, the customer feels this when making it their own. We encourage you to take a moment and ask yourself;

What Is Your Why?

Why do you do what you do?

Write this down, stick this somewhere that you will see each day before you begin your practice as a reminder. We sticker ours on our computers and DR board.