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Project Description

Petite Grand

Petite Grand was established in 2010 by designer Tanja Kovacevic after 15 years of working in the Fashion industry as an accessories buyer, she found the urge to create a simple and elegant product, that reflected her own personal aesthetic.

Creating pieces that exude a quiet kind of luxury, Kovacevic’s intention is to make jewellery that connects with the wearer on an intimate level. So delicate in their construction, each ring, bracelet and necklace, is almost only recognizable by the person it adorns.

Lending to the idea of a secret shared between the piece, and the person who wears it, Petite Grand is a brand built on the desire to evoke an emotional relevance.

Unique in its simplicity PetiteGrand offers effortless style, with easy pieces that can be worn all day at work and then transcend into evening. They are little pieces of luxury you can build on and layered to create your own expression.

Every piece of PetiteGrand jewellery is handmade to order by Tanja and her team in their sunlit Surry Hills studio in Australia.