Project Description

Harris Tapper

Since its inception in 2017 Harris Tapper has quickly progressed from a tight range of women’s shirting into full collections due to customer and retailer demand.
“We are dedicated to designing easy, elegant wardrobes for career-women of the modern world.” – Lauren Tapper
Harris Tapper espouses the instant gratification of a see-now, buy-now business model, with premium quality at a more accessible price point to its competitors. A spirit of modern sensibility is at the heart of the brand, notably illustrated by forgoing industry precedents of releasing imagery or publicising product prior to a collection launch.
Our focus is centered around career-women in the modern sense of the word. We design a wardrobe for them and their lifestyles in a new, fresh, considered way. When designing, we have a 360 degree approach as we start to see a shift in the way many women are integrating their personal and professional lives a lot more. Our women have a global approach to life. They are intelligent, inspiring, hard-working and recognise quality. They’re successful in their chosen field and know what they want.

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