Project Description


Founded by Irish designer Eimear Ryan in 2018, Argot Studio is a Parisian design studio that makes 3D printed pieces, produced in an eco-responsible way and designed to beautify any space. Argot’s goal is to transcend seasonality  and trends to last through generations. The collections express a balance between a minimalist and timeless design and high quality bio-sourced materials.

Drawing inspiration from the contrast between the brutalism of urban architecture and the organic forms of nature, Argot Studio’s pieces offer an aesthetic that is both poetic and thoughtful.

Argot’s collections are composed of vases, sculptures and containers with multiple functions, characterized by emblematic silhouettes of the studio. At the beginning of 2022, Argot Studio extended its practice to the fashion world by creating transparent and flexible textiles for the F/W 2022 show of the Spanish fashion house Loewe.

The name “Argot” refers to Parisian slang, that is to say the typical language of the city where the studio was born.

All Argot Studio pieces are designed and produced in Paris, France.

Irish designer Eimear Ryan started Argot with the aim of helping to develop more responsible design. Also sharing this passion, she was soon joined by her French husband, Jean-Eloi Rateau.

Eimear first started as an interior designer but not feeling free enough in her choices, she decided to create her own pieces. Her father being a carpenter, Eimear has always had a passion for fine craftsmanship and she spent a lot of time looking for a local craftsman who could work with durable, high quality materials at an affordable price.

Eimear started experimenting with 3D printing after Jean-Eloi bought a 3D printer, driven by an interest in new technologies. They both realized the potential and endless possibilities of this technique.

Jean-Eloi then specialized in 3D printing know-how and developed his expertise in order to launch the 3D production of Argot Studio, an ecologically relevant and efficient solution for Eimear’s projects.

Together, combining their complementary strengths and common values, Eimear and Jean-Eloi have imagined a new future for contemporary interior design.

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