Project Description


I am of the Pacific.

I was born and raised on the main island of Tahiti. Growing up on an island shapes you. Nature is omnipresent and revered. Children spend hours in the sun, in the saltwater and climbing trees. Life is simple. Yet, this simple life is now a luxury in an over stimulated world.
In the islands, connection is key. Connection with people, with nature and with the elements. This connection is what lead to the creation of Abysse. 

Abysse was born out of a desire to create a brand with the intention of aligning women like me, women with ideals of function and sustainability – in fashion and in life. As a surfer turned model who spent her teenage years travelling the world and all her oceans, I yearned to create something of substance. 

We aim to create a garment made out of environmentally conscious materials, reducing our footprint on the planet. As a conscious creator, we celebrate the opportunity to produce using ideals of Mother Nature, of women, and of a sustainable future together.
In a an ever-growing “fast-fashion” industry, Abysse is paving a new way by being a conscious manufacturer. To us, this means making choices that are not just sustainable, but that reduce the environmental effects that our existence has had on our natural world. We do this by utilising fabrics and materials that have been created from post-consumer waste;
Abandoned ‘ghost’ fishing nets clogging oceans around the world is salvaged and transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which makes up 100% of our activewear range. 
REPREVE is a polyester fiber made out of 100% recycled plastic, derived from post-consumer plastic bottles. Abysse wetsuits are exclusively made out of premium Yamamoto Japanese eco-neoprene, which replaces petrochemicals with limestone, reducing the environmental impact.
Being a small family owned and women run business who produces locally in California, we are able to maintain complete transparency and control of every stage of our production chain, and ensure our ethos of ‘Produce less, produce well.’ is always at the forefront of everything we do. 
It’s when small choices are made by large industries that we can instigate change and ensure the vitality of our future, for ourselves and our children. 
Because we believe that sustainability should not be a marketing tool, but a requirement. 


Sustainable Initiatives